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Your Career
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We offer personalised career consultancy tailored to your goals for the Australian job market.



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It's time to enter the Australian job market 

If you've made it this far, we likely have something in common: you also believe that preparing strategically for the Australian job market is essential.

For the past 16 years, I've worked as a Career Consultant in multinational companies and recruitment agencies, conducting hundreds of recruitment processes in Australia. Having been on both sides — as a recruiter and as a candidate — it's from this experience that WeTalent was born, an agency specialising in careers for international professionals in Australia.

WeTalent Consulting was created to bridge the gap between the shortage of qualified professionals in Australia and those who need proper guidance to secure opportunities in their field. We offer a comprehensive and unique solution, ensuring you never go without work again.

WeTalent is my answer every time you've wondered, "Why am I not being called for an interview?"

Consider this my invitation for you to explore a world full of opportunities. I'll be waiting for you on the other side!

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If you find yourself in any of the situations below, we can assist you:

For those of you who...


To Be Noticed

Want to gain your first experience in your field here in Australia and be noticed by recruiters.


No Results

Are tired of applying for thousands of positions without any positive outcome.



Feeling demotivated with your current job and really want to achieve a higher salary, better opportunities, and growth.


Sponsor Visa

Want to strategically connect with Australian companies for a possible sponsor visa.


Gaining Experience

Want to gain experience in Australia to apply for a Skilled Visa.


English vs. Confidence

Speaks English and can communicate but lacks confidence.


Job Market

Don't know how the dynamics of the Australian job market work but want to achieve success in their professional career.



Gets called for interviews but can't perform well.


Lost and Confused

Knows their potential but doesn't know how to use it in the search for opportunities.


Right Paths

Needs to understand their professional profile and if they are on the right path.


Power of LinkedIn

Unfamiliar with or unsure how to use all the tools of LinkedIn.


Boosting Chances

Wants to learn about and master the techniques and available market tools to boost their chances of being seen, recognized, and achieving their professional goals.

Success Stories

"I learned from Débora to have clarity and focus on where I wanted to go. I could have avoided a lot of suffering if I had done career consulting earlier. Today, I work with what I love."

Marcele Batista,

Structural and Infrastructure Drafter

gradiante we talent.png
"Talent knows no borders"
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