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Exclusive Discounts


WeTalent's Other Services

As a WeTalent client, you receive a 10% discount on our services:

  • Career Academy Program  - Use code: PATHWAY10 click here

  • Career Accelerator Program - Use code: PATHWAY10 - click here

  • Career Academy Program + Migration - Use code: PATHWAY10 - click here

  • Career Mock Interview - Use code: PATHWAY10 - click here


Immigration Consultancy

In partnership with Seven Migration, voted the best immigration agency in Australia by APAC 2021, we offer a special 10% discount on your first immigration consultation. Seven Migration has a specialised team to assist professionals like you in obtaining visas and immigration to Australia. To take advantage of the discount, visit the website and use the code SEVEN+WT10. This offer is valid until 31/07/2024.


English Classes for the Job Market

In partnership with Multilanguage, you get a 10% discount on corporate English classes to enhance your interview vocabulary and boost your professional performance. Use the code MULTILANGUAGE10 and learn more at

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As a WeTalent client, you're entitled to exclusive benefits on your professional journey in Australia.

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